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Municipal and Civil Engineering

The CIVPRO team has many years of experience designing and administering municipal engineering projects and the expertise to assist you in the following areas:

Site Planning, Analysis and Design

Hydraulic Analysis and Design

Street and Roadway Design

Flood Control and Floodplains

Water System Design

Industrial Process Design

Drainage Evaluation and Design

Environmental Design

Stormwater Runoff Analysis

Construction Plan Development

Storm and Sanitary Utility System Design

Contract Bidding Documents

OEPA MS4 Storm Water Permit Administration

Bridge and Box Culvert Design


Land Surveying

Our surveying team is responsive and reliable. Providing surveying services in house makes it possible for our clients to utilize one firm for all phases of their design needs, ensuring project continuity and communication. CIVPRO’s surveying services include:​

ALTA Surveys

Boundary Surveys

Topographic Surveys

Mortgage Location Surveys

Lot Split and Consolidation Surveys

Construction Layout

Site Design and Development

CIVPRO Engineering has worked with commercial real estate developers and residential builders for many years. We understand the challenges faced when undertaking a new building project or remodel. Our team is unique in that we have experience and results in both public and private sector development projects, large and small. CIVPRO can be your partner from start to finish in the following ways:

Commercial and Industrial Site Development

Residential Site Development

Construction Plan Development

Utility Coordination

Site Planning, Analysis and Design

Parking Lot Design

Construction Management

CIVPRO can manage all stages of a project from the pre-design phase through construction and delivery. Our expertise in construction management ensures that your project will be constructed in accordance with the project plans and specifications, and in the case of ODOT LPA Projects, that all regulations will be met or exceeded.


Our GIS Services provide our clients with easily accessible geographic data, which can be used by both internal municipal employees and the public to efficiently analyze and manage infrastructure data.  The ability to quickly access spatial infrastructure details, enables our clients to make informed decisions regarding geographic and logistic issues, which ultimately returns a cost savings and increases efficiency.

Structural Engineering

CIVPRO’s structural engineering services include residential and commercial structural analysis and bridge design, encompassing all stages of your project from conceptual design through construction.

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